About The Festival

The festivities begin at 11 AM and don’t end until 11 PM!
Admission is FREE!
Beer Tickets $6
Raffle Tickets $3

Brews from Carytown’s own Garden Grove!

The Bluegrass & Brews Festival is presented to raise awareness about the work of the Highland Support Project to Protect, Preserve, and Restore mountain regions across the Americas. The festival is sponsored by AlterNatives, with main-stage performances behind AlterNatives and street performances throughout Carytown.

The Highland Support Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that networks academic, religious, and professional organizations that partner with indigenous communities across the Americas to improve the quality of life and ecological health of Highland Communities. HSP provides financial and technical assistance for community-managed programs to address critical environmental and social issues.

The Bluegrass & Brews Festival honors the values of Mountain people with homegrown music, brews, and Southern Cuisine. Carytown will be alive with the sounds of fiddles, guitars, and banjos with provisions provided by Rose & Eddie’s down-home good cooking. Brews and cider from Richmond’s leading craft brewers.

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