About The Festival

The festivities begin at 11am and don’t end until 11pm!
Admission is FREE!
Beer Tickets $5
Raffle Tickets $2
…and the chance to DUNK your FAVORITE LOCAL RVA CELEBRITY...$3

BREWS from…
Garden Grove Brewing Company
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
Isley Brewing Company
Ardent Craft Ales
Triple Crossing Brewing
Blue Bee Cider

Hard Pressed RVA!

AlterNatives’ Bluegrass & Brews Festival will bring together good music, people, food, and drink from our local community to raise awareness and funds, which will be used to build safe, fuel-efficient stoves for the people living in the Guatemalan Highlands!



The Specifics

Epidemiological research demonstrates that the two leading causes of mortality in our partner communities are upper respiratory infections and waterborne contaminants. These are both linked to the practice of cooking on open pit fires in tiny, unventilated homes. Each year a family can easily spend most of its income treating lung infections caused by smoke exposure.

Furthermore, the primary cause of fatality in recent natural catastrophes in Central America has been mudslides linked directly to deforestation by the ravenous demand for cooking fuel.

Stoves are built through the Partners in Service that works with the Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano (AMA) – Association of Highland Women – in Guatemala. These stoves channel the thick smoke from cooking fires out of the unventilated brick dwellings via a new chimney that is installed with each stove, drastically decreasing the inhalation of smoke and ailments associated with such.

In addition, the stoves are significantly more efficient, since they consume less wood due to the infrastructure of the stoves’ capabilities to retain heat. Because the stoves consume much less wood than the open pit fires previously used, they decrease the amount of deforestation regionally.

Don’t wait til the Festival!
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