About The Festival

The festivities begin at 1 PM and don’t end until 7 PM!
Admission is FREE!
Beer Tickets $5
Raffle Tickets $2

BREWS from…
Garden Grove Brewing Company
Legend Brewing
Blue Bee Cider
3 Notch’d

Garden Grove
Sacred Waters
Blue Bee Cider
Ladles and Linens
Glass Boat

All profits from AlterNatives’ Bluegrass & Brews 2018 will go to support Apache Builds, a program by members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe to provide sustainable, affordable housing and integral trade skill training to community members.

Apache Builds was founded in response to HUD-directed housing development in which tribal members had little say in location and planning. Current HUD development disrupts clan and family structures, and distances folks from their agricultural land. New housing is built with mostly outside labor and materials and new neighborhoods often located in such a manner that residents must sometimes drive over an hour to access their farmland, making agricultural production even more difficult than it already is in the arid climate. This leads to fewer tribal members farming and irrigating the land, and thus less overall water use by the Tribe, giving the federal government supposed precedent to take further control of natural resources and their allocation.

Apache Builds seeks to use sustainable, natural construction methods like cob and straw bale to utilize readily available building materials sourced from the reservation and build highly energy efficient and affordable housing. These houses will be built and planned by workers from the community to help stimulate and sustain the local economy, increase tribal agency, and provide apprenticeship programs through which community members can learn natural building techniques and trade skills that are marketable outside of the program as well.