Dunking Booth

Dunking for Charity!

We’re excited to announce that Sacred Waters Holistic Spa & Boutique will be sponsoring a dunking booth. Come by any time from 11am-11pm for a chance to dunk some of our bands, volunteers, and maybe even a secret local celebrity or 2.

Dunk Ben, Save Lupe!


If you’ve worked or traveled with HSP, chances are, you’ve met Ben.

Our unforgettable co-founder, critical thinker, and all-knowing guru of everything history, politics, and development, he’s quite the guy to have around!  Have a question?  He’s happy to answer, quite thoroughly, sometimes without even having to be asked! 😉

One thing we know for sure about Ben- he’s always happy to lend a hand.

Ben has stepped up and agreed that, if we raise $1,000 to build 8 improved, fuel-efficient stoves in the western highlands of Guatemala, He will climb into the hot seat and get Dunked!!

Click the button below to help us build those stoves, and celebrate the Love we have for Ben through sweet Bluegrass music, Delicious Beer, and a Big Splash!! 🙂


You can’t think of HSP without thinking of Lupe.

The organizing whirlwind and amazing get-it-done woman of AMA, Lupe has forever been the hard working front lady of all the work happening on the ground.  Whether selling the direct trade crafts of Pixan or leading an impromptu Maya ceremony, Lupe never stops doing whatever it takes to keep thing moving onward and upward!

As with any challenge that arises, Lupe agreed to climb up to the tank seat to get dunked in support of HSP- But YOU CAN SAVE HER!

Donate here to build 8 improved, fuel efficient stoves in the western highlands of Guatemala, and celebrate the Love we have for Lupe by saving her from a Cold Splash!!