Clay Spokes

Clay Spokes

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Clay Spokes is an alt-country, bluegrass, and folk band from Richmond, Virginia. Since its inception in August, 2013, the band has been performing its mix of original and traditional music throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, while releasing its self-titled debut LP in February, 2014, and a live album, Live at The Camel, in October, 2014. In their short time together, the Spokes have already shared the stage with such regional stars as Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, Ben Shirley, and The Northerners.

The band’s music features songwriting and lead vocals from guitarists Son House the Second and Tyler Longest, Kent South on vocals, lap steel, slide guitar, and harmonica, Zach Hudgins on bass, and Rene Carrillo on vocals and percussion, as well as part-time contributions from a diverse array of regional musicians.

Throughout their time together, Clay Spokes have been garnering rave reviews, being called “a beautiful down-home answer to the call of the James River” (Furious George), praised for “embracing the subtle and simple” and compared to Richmond icon Matthew E. White for their use of “supple baritone, experimental melodies, and minimalist, disappearing vocals” (Sounds of RVA).